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i don't know what my intentions are
they're speaking in a different tongue
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10th-Jun-2007 10:28 am - *shifty eyes*
I work at the hospital.

I work nights.

I absolutely love my job.

I love my boyfriend.

I love my dog.

Life is going good right now. I'm glad.
the dark side
5th-Jan-2007 03:10 pm - She updates!
Ok, I am just in love with my icon.

I am less in love with work -- yes, I AM making more money in this new position (almost 1000 this month!) but it still sucks. The month just started on 12/31, and I looked on the computer yesterday. Not counting my $2200 in sales yesterday, I was at 4k for the month. There was one person in the 3k's, and the other 6 were in the 2ks. So... WHY do I only have 25 hours for next week? WTF? Keep in mind that this is including the post-Christmas slow down, returns, and the fact that for two days our computers were offline, making it difficult to sell ANYTHING, let alone something we have to order or send to the back for pickup. It's been 2.5 years that I've worked there, and I haven't had all that much to show for it. I counted the other day. In 2006, I worked: New Year's Day, the day after New Years, Valentine's, Easter, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Day before Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, day after Christmas, and New Year's Eve. Plus, New Year's Day and the day after in 2007. Especially ridiculous because my manager has had half of those holidays off.

I finished my CNA class 12/16. I'm still waiting to hear for when I go to take the state test so I can get my certificate and start working. I applied at the hospital in town. They called me to come take a test, then they called me for an interview, and another interview with a tour, and then a third interview with another tour of the other hospital I would be working at. But unfortunately they can't hire me until I have my certificate. But when I go to take the test, I find out if I passed it that day, so she said to call back after I find out and they'll see if they have an open position. Poo.

My boyfriend and I are super. Even though he moved to a city about an hour away, and now we only see each other every other week or so. Because my manager is a retard and likes to make me work 5 days in a row, have one off, come in for two days, have another day off, come in for another day, have a day off, etc. So I never get a chance to go anywhere.

So there's the big update that will last me until July. ha.
the dark side
8th-Dec-2006 03:07 pm(no subject)
My heart is breaking. Why is love so hard?
south of nowhere
21st-Aug-2006 07:18 pm - So.
I have a new boyfriend. He is amazing.

That is all.
south of nowhere
19th-Jul-2006 12:10 am - Stupid silly me.
Did you know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth? Well, it's true!

I've just been working 25-30 hours a week, which is nearly double my usual amount of hours.

Oh, and I've started RPing. I'm playing Tracey Davis in the Naughty Nights RPG, which has been a ton of fun!

I've also signed up for fanfic100. Oh, dear God, please shoot me. I'm writing Tracey Davis/Theodore Nott, and you'll be able to find all my scribblings at tracenott, though all that's there right now is my claim table and some quick character sketches. I am excited though, and already have a sembalance of a plan!

I wish I could see (most of) you all next week at Lumos :( Instead, you are all charged with taking lots of pictures for me to squee over later!

south of nowhere
5th-Jul-2006 08:45 pm - You are all that I have
Why do I keep setting myself up for disappointment? I should know better by now.

But, it still made me so happy when he said that they hadn't done anything major. Sigh. I am such a girl.
south of nowhere
26th-Apr-2006 07:29 pm - The Prefect's Bathroom, HP, Adult
Author: arpeggiodreams
Title: The Prefect's Bathroom
Pairing: Harry/Hermione/Ron
Summary: Harry didn't understand what the big deal about the Prefect's bathroom was.
Warning: Threesome, slight underage (Hermione and Ron are of-age, Harry is still 16)
Word Count: 1,243
Rating: Adult. Graphic descriptions of teh sexxors!
Notes: Unbeta-ed. Please let me know if you find any oopsies.

The day after this rather gloomy birthday tea, their letters and booklists arrived from Hogwarts. Harry’s included a surprise: He had been made Quidditch Captain. 'That gives you equal status with prefects!' cried Hermione happily. 'You can use our special bathroom now and everything!'Collapse )
23rd-Mar-2006 01:59 am - hum.
I resigned from college today.

I'm free at last.

So why do I feel all at a loss?
ani d evolve
11th-Mar-2006 11:03 pm - hee.
I'm totally drunk-LJing. We went out for a friend's 21st birthday, and we went to a resturaunt where other friends work. So they gave us the hookup. Some of the other waitresses screwed up an order, and our server brought out like $40 worth of alcohol to our table.

I had already ordered a margarita, and was sharing other people's drinks. Then I had a shot of Grand Marnier, and another top shelf margarita or something. I don't remember. Then I drove home.

Things with the boy are going less than well. He is dense. But cute. Very cute. I get a hug after every time we hang out. Next time, I'm throwing in a kiss as well. Dammit.

Wah. Off to rehydrate and sleep.
south of nowhere
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