can vanity and happiness coexist? (arpeggiodreams) wrote,
can vanity and happiness coexist?

Life and permutations thereof

It's the fourth week of the semester, and I'm already shit tired of going to school. I'm really considering skipping my chemistry test tomorrow, but... I know I shouldn't do that.

Home is... fun right now. Mom told Richard that he needs to find a new place to live last night. So far, he hasn't, but she's really serious. She has to go to the Visalia office for a training thing on Thursday, and she's going to ask them if she can transfer to the Visalia branch. We're going to look at apartments in Visalia on Saturday. We're thinking about moving here. I'm very excited. A) I go to school in Visalia, and it will be very nice to not have to drive 40 miles everyday to go to school and B) I don't like Richard. He's a stoner ex-con who doesn't have a job. Plus, he's loud, annoying, Christian, and Republican.

I'm not looking forward to the actual moving part though. Especially because we'll have to figure out what to do with my brother's stuff. A few weeks ago, me, Mom, and Richard went to the emergency room because I thought I had appendicitis. Jake forgot his key, and ended up smashing the hell out of our security door and the locks to get in. He and Mom had a fight about it, and he went to move in with my dad. He comes back every once in a while to get some more stuff, and to insult my mom.

He called CPS on her, saying she was verbally abusive to him. When my mom went in to talk to the caseworker, the caseworker said he was lucky she was just verbally abusive to him. She would have kicked his ass.

I'll probably start going through stuff (some of it's still in boxes, since we moved to this house in November), and trying to sell it on or ebay or something. I don't need to lug all the shit I do from house to house (like books I haven't read in years, etc.)

The morons outside of my school were exactly that: morons. Their signs said "Abortion is genocide." Dude. I'm donating a fucking dictionary to the Conservative Student Union at COS. I can deal with the morons saying abortion is murder, because that is sorta technically correct. Genocide: Deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. Fetuses are not a) a racial group b) a political group or c) a cultural group. Perhaps the morons thought it meant "killing a generation." I suppose that when you're an idiot who thinks that you can legislate a woman's body that opening a dictionary is unnecessary.

Anyway. We have a Conservative Student Association. Where the fuck is the Whiny-Jewish-Activist-Socialist Association. I would be down to join that.

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