can vanity and happiness coexist? (arpeggiodreams) wrote,
can vanity and happiness coexist?


Tomorrow is Love Day, and all of my love-ons are currently located in Australia, where it is already Love Day. Phrewan.

I have to work tomorrow night, which is full of the oh no! not fun, but the boy I am currently interested in fucking into the mattress seeing is working as well, so it might be fun, depending on which managers are there.

I took everyone (well. the cashiers, hardware associates, and my favorite mca's) at work Madagascar valentines, because I am the fun and friendly cashier. Besides, everyone should have a temperary tattoo for Valentine's Day. I should be writing out my valentine's for school tomorrow, for my sorta-future roommates, and the other boy I am interested in fucking into the mattress seeing.

A new PetSmart opened in town today, and I took the puppy dog. She was thoughouly spoiled by the associates, who kept giving her treats, and me, who bought her $70 worth of stuff (but I am taking some back, because she didn't like them). I do love my Pity-puppy.

May there be chocolate for you all!

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