can vanity and happiness coexist? (arpeggiodreams) wrote,
can vanity and happiness coexist?


Soooo. My mom went into the hospital last Thursday night. She came home yesterday, and I'm already like "GO BACK TO THE HOSPITAL AND LEAVE ME THE F ALONE PLZKTHX." She's okay now. They're still not sure if it's her appendix or a hole in her intestines. They're planning to stick a camera up her bottom to decide which.

Work has been fairly awful. We got a new hardware manager in December, and he was a total dick. He yelled at me on Valentine's Day :(

He got fired this week for giving more discounts than he was supposed to and using someone else's employee number to ring things up. Some people are sad; I'm suggesting we throw a party.

I have a domain! Look!!!! it's all sparkly and ready for all kinds of good stuff. My darling friend is making it work for me or something. I have no idea what he's doing, just that I am providing him beer afterwards.

Aaaaaand... I believe that is all that has been news-worthy lately.

  • *shifty eyes*

    I work at the hospital. I work nights. I absolutely love my job. I love my boyfriend. I love my dog. Life is going good right now. I'm glad.

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