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The Prefect's Bathroom, HP, Adult

Author: arpeggiodreams
Title: The Prefect's Bathroom
Pairing: Harry/Hermione/Ron
Summary: Harry didn't understand what the big deal about the Prefect's bathroom was.
Warning: Threesome, slight underage (Hermione and Ron are of-age, Harry is still 16)
Word Count: 1,243
Rating: Adult. Graphic descriptions of teh sexxors!
Notes: Unbeta-ed. Please let me know if you find any oopsies.

At first, Harry hadn’t understood Hermione’s jubilation about being able to use the prefects’ bathroom. Sure, it was nicer than the dorm baths, but all of the bathrooms at Hogwarts were heaven compared to the Dursley’s, just by dint of not being in the Dursleys’ home.

Harry was actually quite hesitant to use the prefects’ bathroom. He had grown less uncomfortable with taking showers in what he considered “public” in his time at Hogwarts. As soon as he had been able to wash himself, he had. Aunt Petunia hadn’t wanted to spend anymore time touching him than she had to, and so Harry grew up thinking that solitary baths were The Thing To Do, and it took him until his third year to use the baths while there were other boys in the room.

So, while he had grown used to bathing with the other boys, girls used the prefects’ bathroom -- not to mention his encounter with Moaning Myrtle the one time he had used the prefects’ bathroom. He continued to use the dorm baths, or the baths down at the pitch if he was in a hurry after a practice. Ron hadn’t noticed that he wasn’t using his rights as Quidditch Captain until after the match against Hufflepuff.

“Mate, why are you still using the baths in the dorm? It is your sacred duty as Quidditch Captain to use the prefects’ loo,” Ron reasoned. Harry wasn’t quite as sure about this logic (it sounded like something Fred or George would say), but his curiosity was starting to get the better of him. And, throwing in his towel, Harry did concede that the taps in the prefects’ bathroom had the best bubble bath he’d yet found in the school.

The next night, he and Ron strode down the hall to the statue of Boris the Bewildered on the fifth floor, and Ron nudged Harry with his elbow until Harry muttered the password: “Pine Fresh.” The door creaked open, just as it had two years ago, and the two boys entered the bath. Blessedly, it was completely silent, and Harry relaxed. He could handle washing up with Ron, as they had been best friends for going on seven years now.

When Harry finished showering, he wrapped himself in one of the fluffy Gryffindor robes, and left his shower stall, intending to finish his kit at the sinks. Careful of the wet tiles and dim lights, he kept his head down until he heard a muffled gasping sound coming from his left. Jerking his head up, he saw the unmistakable mass of Hermione’s hair, floating above the water and the bubbles in the large tub in the center of the room. He spied a red head lying in the tub with her, and was amazed at Ron’s bravery to wash with a girl, even if that girl has been his best friend for almost as long as Harry has.

Harry heard another gasp, and finally realized that they weren’t washing; they were fucking. Right there in the middle of the room, in the middle of the castle. Harry froze, completely unsure of himself. Should he leave the bathroom quickly and quietly? Should he retreat back to his small shower stall and pretend he never saw anything? Or should he continue to just stand here, close his eyes and hope no one notices him?

Hermione turned, straddling Ron, her breasts floating on top of the water while she throws her head back into the bubbles surrounding her. When she rose her head out of the water once more, she spotted Harry in the shadows, and her eyes turned dark. Keeping her eyes on him, she continued to move over Ron, drawing out passionate moans from Ron. Harry swallowed, still unsure of what to do, but unable to look away.

Kissing Ron’s neck one last time, Hermione rose, letting the bubbles cling to her skin while she leaves the tub to do something, something that Harry is not at all sure of. She moved closer, while the bubbles begin to slide down her skin. Harry’s heart was pounding so hard, he thought it was about to drum right out of his chest; yet at the same time, he was completely entranced by the cluster of bubbles clinging to Hermione’s nipple. As she gets closer, her head tilted down and eyes still looking into his, he began to feel faint. He felt as if all the blood has left his head and has all run down to his cock, which is beginning to tent the front of his robe.

She smiled, leaned forward, and kissed him on the lips lightly. Then, she slowly slipped his robe off of his shoulders, leaving him naked. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him back to the tub, and whispered for him to sit on the ledge. He does so, and she climbed back into the tub looking self-satisfied. Walking through the water to him, she looked like a goddess come to life. And when she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth, he hissed and thrust deeper into her mouth.

She continued to suck on him, and run her hands over his thighs. When she stopped for a moment and gasped, Harry opened his eyes. She was bent over, and Ron was behind her, entering her from behind. Ron’s thrusts pushed Hermione’s mouth deeper onto his cock, and he moaned and grabbed her breasts, circling the nipples with his thumbs. Ron’s fingers dimpled into the flesh on her back, and she dipped a hand under the water to rub against her clit. Ron noticed and growled deep in his throat, and pulled her back against him and off of Harry.

He carried her out of the tub, and lied down on the tiles, pulling her on top of him. After rubbing his cock over her wet cunt, Ron slid his cock into her arse with one slick motion. Hermione moaned loud and long, and began to thrust against him while rubbing her nipples. Harry stayed by the tub, watching, until Hermione whined his name, breaking his thoughts. He crawled over to the two of them, and looked at Hermione. Panting, in between thrusts, she said she wants both of her men inside her.

Harry climbed on top of her and Ron, trying not to step on the limbs strewn beneath him, and slowly slid his cock into her cunt. It was tight and warm and wet and Harry had to concentrate hard to not spill himself right then. He pushed a little deeper, and could feel the head of Ron’s cock through the skin separating them. Hermione gasped, and Harry began to thrust, while circling his thumb around her clit. She began to make soft mewling noises, and he could feel her muscles contracting around him.

Right as she was about to climax, Harry removed his hand from her clit, and started pounding her hard. Her mewls turned into whines, which turned into moans, which turned into screams as he kept going through her orgasm. While Hermione was contracting around them, Ron yelled as he came, and Harry followed right behind him, in an orgasm so intense he saw bright lights as he closed his eyes.

They all collapsed in a panting pile on the floor, Hermione between them, limbs intertwined. Hermione kissed them both on the forehead, and exhaustedly whispered, “We’re with each other, no matter what happens.”

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