can vanity and happiness coexist? (arpeggiodreams) wrote,
can vanity and happiness coexist?

Stupid silly me.

Did you know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth? Well, it's true!

I've just been working 25-30 hours a week, which is nearly double my usual amount of hours.

Oh, and I've started RPing. I'm playing Tracey Davis in the Naughty Nights RPG, which has been a ton of fun!

I've also signed up for fanfic100. Oh, dear God, please shoot me. I'm writing Tracey Davis/Theodore Nott, and you'll be able to find all my scribblings at tracenott, though all that's there right now is my claim table and some quick character sketches. I am excited though, and already have a sembalance of a plan!

I wish I could see (most of) you all next week at Lumos :( Instead, you are all charged with taking lots of pictures for me to squee over later!


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